Washing Machine Rental

Rent Washing Machine

Is it time for a new washing machine?

  1. Are you struggling to get through the washing each week?
  2. Is your washing machine too small?
  3. Do you feel that you are washing everyday just to get through everything?
  4. Or, even worse, are you still one of those unlucky ones lugging your washing down to the Laundromat and searching in your pocket for $1 coins?
  5. Would you love a brand new washing machine but just don't have the spare cash available?

Then Washing Machine Rental could be your answer

Not sure which Washing Machine Rental is right for YOU?
As Local Appliance Rentals, we can talk you through the process and make sure your washing machine rental is ideally suited to your needs.

You can rent washing machine by paying is weekly or fortnightly payments. We want to make sure you are not paying more than you need to pay for your washing machine rental. But, on the other hand, there is no point renting a washing machine that is too small.

Here is a rough guide for you...

  1. 5 kg - Suitable washing machine rental for a couple
  2. 6 kg - Suitable washing machine rental for a family with 1 or 2 kids
  3. 8 kg - Suitable fridge rental for a family with 3 or more kids

Would you like to team your washing machine rental with a dryer rental? No problem!

Simply ask us and we can work out a weekly or fortnightly price that includes the most suitable washing machine rental and dryer rental for you

If you would like to rent washing machine, then Local Appliance Rentals makes it easy for you. Just click on the LOCATE US tab or

Type in your details and they will call you back. Or you can simply call them right now to talk washing machine rental!